Inflow-Crypto hosts Drazen Kapusta, Principal at (Q&A)

Following is the Q&A with Drazen Kapusta, Principal & Founders Board Member at Questions were submitted by members and the team of Inflow-Crypto Club through e-mail. Drazen Kapusta, Principal & Founders Board Member at - HashNet[/caption] Official website: Tolar is an open source, community-governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions. It has a governance system called Magnus Consilium in which stakeholders and investors will have the power…

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Inflow-Crypto hosts Gamedex Co-Founder & CTO (AMA)

Yesterday, 17.5.2018 we hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with Gamedex Co-Founder & CTO Cameron Garvie. Official website: Q: Welcome Cameron, could you introduce yourself and the project your representing? A: Hi everyone. Very excited to answer any questions you may have about Gamedex. Together with our team, we're building Gamedex, a platform like Steam, for the billion-dollar digital collectible card games (DCCGs) market, and a wallet for the digital…

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