Why you shouldn’t get involved in a Pump and Dump Group?

Recently there are a lot of Pump & Dump groups emerging. To really understand what these groups are all about let's first take a look at what a Pump and Dump actually is. WHAT IS A "PUMP AND DUMP"? Pump and dump scenario happens when a trader with a substantial amount of funds “whale” or a group of whales, artificially increase the price of a certain token or a coin…

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Comment on the recent fall of cryptocurrencies prices

If you just briefly follow the crypto markets and news you probably noticed that there is a serious downfall in prices happening in the last few days. Some call it a “bloodbath” “a burst of the bubble” others see it as the opportunity to increase their positions - buy more cryptocurrencies. So which is it then? Panic or opportunity? With all the hype surrounding the cryptocurrencies, it’s only natural that…

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