ICO INVESTING POOLS – a way for smaller to invest alongside bigger investors

Let’s take a closer look at ICO investing pools. ICOs are quickly becoming the most popular way for a project to raise money. More and more people are entering the cryptocurrencies world every day and after buying Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple or any other established and well-known cryptocurrency, they turn to new projects, ICOs.

Investing in an ICO is high-risk/high potential reward type of investment. If you manage to choose the right ICO your gain can be overwhelming.

But as with conventional financial markets, investing in new projects in its earliest stages is becoming harder or sometimes even impossible for an individual or small investor. This allows bigger investors to receive substantially bigger bonuses or pay lower prices. Private and pre-sale stages of the projects are now reserved for investors with 50, 100, 200 or even more ETH. To overcome this obstacle and allow small investors to participate, a crypto community started forming Investing Pools.

Investing pools are nothing new when it comes to conventional markets where this kind of investing is used with pension and mutual funds. A large number of individual or smaller investors join their funds and form a “pool”. This allows them to act as bigger investors on the market, use economies of scale and diversify better.

“There is strength in numbers!”

ICO investing pools are a great way and an opportunity for small individual investors to participate in new cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects and invest in the earliest stages. Organiser of the investing pool makes the due diligence connects with the team behind an ICO of their choice, makes the analysis and creates a transparent Smart Contract. Individual investors that want to participate in this ICO can then contribute their funds to the Investing pool for a small fee. This grants them a bigger bonus or a lower price of tokens in the earliest stages of the project if the minimum amount of contributions is met within a pool. If not – investors get their ETH back.

Inflow-Crypto investing pool proces
ICO Investing Pool

To really understand the whole process see our ICO Investing Pool Walkthrough.

To conclude, investing pools are a proven way for smaller investors to participate in earlier stages and negotiate better deals in ICOs. As with any other thing in the crypto world, there are a lot of scams connected to Investing Pools; make sure that the Organiser of the Pool is transparent, does the due diligence and analysis of an ICO and stores your funds in a safe place in the meantime.

Inflow-Crypto Club offers Investing pools that match all the conditions stated above. Join our Telegram Group or Facebook Group for free to see which projects we are currently raising funds for and decide for yourself.

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