Important announcement regarding our future pools!

Starting today, the following changes in Inflow-Crypto Club pooling will take place:

1.) We are moving all MAIN pooling activity inside our native ICC platform.

2.) All who wish to invest in our pools will have to pass 1-time KYC/AML check.

We are aware this might cause some displeasure for people and many will not invest with us because of this, but this is perfectly ok.

Our purpose is:

  • To comply with general legal conditions of anti-money laundering, terrorist financing prevention, and tax avoidance.
  • To prepare for future ICO regulation and security-compliant ICOs.
  • To establish a much safer ground for both organizers as well as serious ICO investors than current Telegram environment, where we are subjected to fake accounts, phishing scams, FUD-sters, and sabotagers.
  • To ensure an environment that is limited to serious investors without spam and constant distractions
  • To ensure successful future of pooling.

Please be aware that in the future, pools that continue to operate without KYC are at best in the gray zone regarding anti-money laundering, terrorist financing prevention, and tax avoidance rules.

There is no way a serious and regulatory compliant ICO will give allocations to pools that operate in the gray zone.

The KYC process will be short & simple, and you will only be required to do it once for all Inflow-Crypto pools. You will receive a personal unique ID code that you can use in every pool investment in the future. We are taking security measures for the KYC data to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). No data will be passed to ICOs. In case this will be required by the project management, we will inform you before the pool opens and you will be able to decide on participating.

The future process of pooling:

  1. Register on Inflow-Crypto Club platform (ICC platform).
  2. Fill out KYC form (only for Pool investing).
  3. Once you are verified, you will receive a CODE to enter ICC pool room where we discuss current and upcoming ICO projects.
  4. Information about the project, pool wallet/Primablock will be separated for every pool inside ICC.
  5. In some cases (for extra rare pools or those with higher demand) there will also be a step to pledge before investing.

Our current Telegram group will remain open and will serve as a discussion group, an announcement channel for all our activity, and one of the gateways into ICC platform where all private pooling information will be provided.

As already said, we are aware we will lose some members due to this step, but it ensures a much safer and long-term prosperous platform for people who are serious about investing in some of the best early stage blockchain projects.


We look forward to the future, and we’re glad you’re taking this path with us.

Inflow-Crypto Club Team.🙏

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