Rebranding, Community and Live Trading room

There are 3 major things that will go into effect sometime between 3rd and 10th of January 2018. Club rebranding, community creation and live trading room.


After a very long discussion, talking with the experts we decided to take their advice and rebrand Crypto-Trader Club. We want to differentiate ourselves from what is already in the market and especially, we do not want to be associated with some of the negativity and scams that were connected with the name Crypto Trader in the past. We are not and never were connected to those things in any way, we just made a mistake picking a similar name.

Soon we’re going to be INFLOW-CRYPTO CLUB. We picked this name because it corresponds nicely to our WAVE strategy. This strategy along with live trading room will be given more weight in the new Inflow-Crypto Club. More on that in point 3. It is also a name that has no history in crypto.

Like said, it is important to differentiate ourselves and our services.

2. COMMUNITY (Free + Premium Members)

We are noticing a lot of internet crypto communities full of FUD and FOMO posts, that doesn’t really help a beginner but confuse him even more. Everything is nice and green in a bull market, but what happens when it slows down or reverse? There will be a lot of blood, especially among crypto newcomers that don’t have a proper understanding of the crypto market.

We are creating a community based on doing a lot of research, guidance and where everyone will benefit from contributions. We are even planning rewards for the most contributing members. We will help each other and debate promising new opportunities peacefully and respectfully.

For this reason, we are creating a new private Facebook group which will be open to all members of the Inflow-Crypto Club (Free + Premium Members). Peter (Co-founder, Trader & Analyst) and Mark (Account Manager) will be managing this group and make sure that members will get their answers and that the communication is high quality and beneficial to the members. Also, of course, they will try to keep you up to date with relevant crypto-related news as much as possible.

The two main purposes of this group are for Inflow-Crypto Club members to make the best possible educated decisions, not falling for FUD, FOMO and other investment traps. Along with that, people need help, with a number of different crypto related issues and help they”ll receive with our best efforts.” Peter, Inflow-Crypto Club Co-Founder

All professional investment and trading advice will still be posted inside ICC Members Area and Live Trading room, but direct signals will not be posted in the free group.

3. LIVE TRADING ROOM (Premium Members)

Last but not least; Live trading room has been promised for some time now. We are fully aware of the limitations we currently have, aiming at our short-term signal providing service. As much as we tried, it doesn’t work the way we currently do this. Its hard for members to follow and trade those signals and its hard for Tristan to be fast enough, posting the opportunity.

Short-term trading can’t be done in a half-assed way. Either you are behind the screens and focused or you better not trade short-term signals. Hence the idea of the trading room where people present are focused (along with Tristan).

Along with the rebranding, we are starting live trading room to which access will be granted only to premium members.

In this trading room, Tristan will be coaching our flagship Wave strategy with live trades. Not only that, we will also be doing regular DSA (double a small account) challenges.

“This is something I did back when trading forex and something I’ve been testing for the past 4 months on crypto privately. Because I was able to complete the DSA challenge twice in a bit over 4 month period I am confident I can do it regularly and teaching you guys how to do it along the way.” Tristan, Inflow-Crypto Club Founder

There are three pillars to DSA challenge:

  • the wave strategy
  • aggressive money management
  • discipline

So basically, he will be teaching you guys how to utilize these pillars to double your SMALL account – FAST. He will be starting with a 1.000$ account and scale up to 10.000$ where he will stop scaling.

Also, an updated version of the Wave strategy is coming out along with all the other changes.

Long-term recommendations will remain in the same format as well as be discussed in the trading room.

We will go through the process together and you will be able to ask questions inside the trading room.


Current Members:

All premium lifetime members will have lifetime access to live trading room. You will never need to pay a dime anymore.

We will make the domain and database transfers between Christmas and New Year. We will notify you by email before that happens since there will be a short period where our platform will be out of order. We ask you to be patient and understanding during the transfer.

Invitations for the Facebook group will be given upon request since the e-mail used for our Membership is not necessarily the same as your Facebook Profile e-mail.

This process will be specified in detail in the e-mail you’ll receive in the coming days. Make sure to also check your Spam folder.

New Members:

All potential new members will be able to join our club through our new website (Free or Premium Membership). In case you experience any problem with the checkout process contact us and we will sort it out.

Crypto-Trader Club Team

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